Sketchbook Flip Throughs


(gif made by me through Giphy from YouTube: palestblue)

A suggestion for illustrators: keep a sketchbook.

A suggestion for sketchbookers: show off your sketchbook flip throughs!

It may seem embarrassing to show off your sketchbooks, especially since they are (or are meant to be) places for unfinished works, undeveloped concepts, and unpolished ideas.

However, I know that I, personally, benefit greatly from looking through OTHER people’s sketchbooks. It brings your audience to a level of community and familiarity that just showing your finished work never would. You’re showing your humanity, your ideas, and, in a way, your vulnerability in this way.

So if you don’t keep a sketchbook: don’t worry, there will be a post coming out about this soon!

And if you do: SHOW ME. I mean it’s not urgent, it’s definitely not necessary – but I’d love to see it!

And I hope to show you what I’m working on soon too – IN THE FUTURE.



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