How To Design A Logo: Step 4

Step 4: Feedback

Combining this with the “test” step – this is where you show your designs to a test audience and see how fresh eyes see your design. I also like to call this the “survey” step because that’s how I treat it – take a couple of your group chats, spam them with your sketches, and demand that your beloved friends vote for their favorite.

In the case of Sound Design club, however, it was easy to chat with the club officers and show them the Phase 1 sketches.

This resulted in another poll, but it also allowed more in depth feedback on the designs.


At the end of the day, you’re still designing for your client – listen to your client, and work off the feedback that you receive.

This is a loop of a process – everytime you receive feedback, you have the opportunity to improve. It’s very difficult for artists and designers alike to really finish a project, step back, and let it go. This brings us to our final step of the process: Launch!



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