How To Design A Logo

In one of my last posts, I made this infographic.

hero image

However, I have condensed this process into even simpler 5 steps – which are all you need to design anything. I’m going to go a little more in depth by going step by step the creative design process, and what better way to illustrate this process than with making one of the simplest yet most difficult deliverables of designers everywhere: a logo!

This past month I worked on designing a logo for my university’s Sound Design Club, so I’m going to use examples from that process. However, you can apply this guide to, hopefully, any logo design that you need.

What You Need:

  • Drawing materials: pencil, pen, paper, etc. Whatever gets your hands moving.
  • Digital editing software: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Friends, or a network of trustworthy people
  • Plenty of coffee
  • The assignment (either from a client, for a project, or for yourself)

Step One: Empathize

Empathy seems like it might be an odd term to apply to a step of a very logistical process. As empathy means understanding the “feelings” of somebody or something, how can you try to understand the “feelings” of a design project?

This is where a word map, or a concept map, comes in handy:

Somewhat Of A Word Map

For the Sound Design Club logo design, I had to familiarize myself with the concept of sound design, and by writing down all the things I associated with sound design, I could do better research about the assignment I was tasked with .

Not only should you empathize with your client or your project, but you should empathize with your materials as well.

With more hands on projects, like sculpture and apparel design, this involves just spending some time with your physical material – not worrying about what to design or form, just playing around a little bit.

With digital projects like logo design, it’s a little hard to get comfy with your Adobe Creative Suite. You can help yourself out a little by referring to step 2.








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